04 November, 2012

Vanilla Candles

Today I popped to Ikea with Mama Smith for what was supposed to be a quick visit to pick up a tin opener and corkscrew. What we didnt know was that today seems to be a day of celebration at Ikea, I believe they're celebrating their 25th anniversary!

It was PACKED there, and strewn everywhere was festive Ikea bunting, people giving out balloons, craft workshops, photo booths, and in the middle of the shop girls from Heart radio station were giving away red heart balloons, and free cupcakes which gave you a chance to win a £50 Ikea voucher! Having just been in the gym for 2 hours (oh yes) I should have said no... but didnt. I am truly my own worst enemy!!

Anyway, the point of this post is to inform the world (aka my FIVE followers - hi!) about the gorgeousness that is Ikea Vanilla scented candles.

These are the yummiest things ever - so scented and sweet! Vanilla might not be everyones cup of tea but it certainly is mine - most days instead of perfume I rock Boots Natural Collection Vanilla spray I love it that much, and it has often been commeted by a curious boy that "you smell of chocolate buttons?"

These are seriously the nicest most atmospheric candles I've ever used, and so, so cheap. If you take a trip to Ikea I definitely recommend leaving with these!

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