31 October, 2012

Rumple's Wiggin'

Now, I'm not proud of this, but...
It is a cold, rainy evening and I am a bit coldy and sniffly so am under a blanket with the fire on, watching rubbish TV. So I was just idly flicking channels when I came across an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and tuned in for a bit, in an attempt to see what on earth the fuss is about. (That was the bit I'm not proud of.)
All I heard was drama drama drama cigarettes botox and I was just about to change the channel when I saw IT - the most amazing vibrant lilac nail varnish I have ever seen!
It was adorning the nails of Khloe Kardashian (my favourite one I think!) and after a swift Google, I discovered that it is... OPI Rumple's Wiggin'.
This gorgeous creme shade is part of the Shrek 'Shrek Forever After' collection.
It is now my mission to purchase this and try it out!

26 October, 2012

No Tricks, Just Treats!

To celebrate Halloween, and their gorgeously dark, glam range of clothes on sale at the moment, Motel Rocks are offering 30% off at Motel Rocks until the 31st October!

Run, don't walk!!

For 30% off until the 31st October, use code ' livlouise ' at the checkout! If you use my code let me know what you buy!!

Here are some of my faves for celebrating Halloween in style...
From left - right

Day of the Dead Festival

This weekend features the Day of the Dead Festival in Bristol.

Organised by the We Are: team (Bristol Pride, Black History Month) this is the first Halloween event they have put on and it looks set to be fantastic!

Featuring music from Heg Doughty, Siddy Bennett and the Wildflowers, Bashema, Baila la Cumbia, Vamos, Dr Meaker and Shambarber DJs there will be plenty to keep the crowd dancing all day and into the night, as well as dance workshops, hooping displays, a live fire show from the Bass Honeys and to close the festival, a firework display!

The website for the festival click here

If you come along this weekend do leave me a comment and let me know what you thought!

The Sapphires

I attended a preview showing of 'The Sapphires' on Tuesday night at Cinema De Lux, Cabot Circus.

It was fantastic!!

I went with my mum who summed it up as 'an Australian Dreamgirls'.

It does go deeper that that, covering issues from racism and the treatment of Aborigines in 1960s Australia, to the war in Vietnam, and briefly Civil Rights.

The music is just beautiful.

If you like soul music and female comedy this is definitely a film I recommend!

Here's the trailer in case you're interested:

24 October, 2012

Brisfest... One month on

It is now one month since Brisfest happened, and years of extremely hard work by an exceptionally talented crew was launched to the city of Bristol in the shape of a weekend long extravaganza of music, circus, comedy, dance, cabaret, cider, sunshine, fancy dress, and unfortunately, rain.

It was the most fantastic event. We as a committee know that it was not perfect and there are most definitely areas to be improved, but on the whole I think it was pretty darn awesome!

I am so happy I was invited to be involved in this incredible project and helped the dream of bringing a festival back to Ashton Court come true.

I barely had a chance to see any of the festival with all the missioning about I was doing for the whole week I was there, so I was thrilled when I came across this video, shot by Ned Espeut-Nickless. It is so so fantastic!! Whenever I want to reminisce about just how fab it was, I stick this on.


To find out more about Brisfest, either the festival or the organisation, please visit www.brisfest.co.uk

19 October, 2012

Rouge Noir (On a budget!)

Now it is Autumn/Winter I have said goodbye to all my pastel nail colours and have moved on to gorgeous dark, moody Autumnal shades. Today's nail colour is Red Black (115) by Barry M.

I love, love, love this colour, so much so that it is the only nail varnish I have ever purchased twice! It is beautifully dark and sultry and really glams up your nails while also giving you a slightly edgy look.

I used about 3 coats to get this wonderfully dark, rich colour - with one or two coats to me it is not Red Black, more of a dark deep raspberry, which is nice, but I wear this for the moody black effect. I top this of with some Seche Vite and ta da! Gorgeous Autumn Nails.

Next weekend I am working at Bristol Day of the Dead Festival and this seems the perfest shade for the Dia de los Muertos/ Sugar Skull theme, so I will definitely be rocking it again!

17 October, 2012

See No Evil 2012

See No Evil is "an art project of international standard based on Nelson Street in Bristol City Centre. It brings together a selection of the world's best street artists to create a huge outdoor gallery."

See No Evil comprises a week of international street artists doing their thang (fascinating to watch it come together if you're wandering down Nelson St towards Cabot Circus for shopping at the time!) and at the end of the week the public descend for music in the disused Westgate Building and dancing along to stages in the street, something Bristol definitely excels in!!

I was in Spain at the time so I missed this epic event but Olly, friend and Brisfest trustee with many many strings to his bow, including a film company, filmed the whole event and produced the video below

Video by Ozuki Films. 

I am definitely going next year!!

Beyonce for Superbowl 2013?!

Beyonce fans and keen website subscribers (such as myself - completely unashamed Beyonce stan) will have noticed THIS gorgeous thing pop up over the last few days:

It can (hopefully) only mean one thing - Beyonce to perform at half time during Superbowl XLVII?!

I watch the Superbowl every year but I am now doubly excited for it. Even if you are not an American Football/NFL fan you will be aware of the Superbowl (even if you don't think you are...), from Janet and Justin Timberlakes infamous nip-slip incident, to Whitney Houston singing one of the most beautiful renditions of the American national anthem I've ever heard, to last years Madonna/ Nicki Minaj/ Cee Lo half time extravaganza.

Bring on February 3rd 2013 - I'm so excited!!

Talia Joy Castellano

I was browsing the internet this morning and came across the story of Talia Joy Castellano, beauty blogger extraordinaire and 13 year old cancer sufferer, who has become an honorary face of CoverGirl cosmetics.

Talia has been a beauty blogger/youtuber for six years and has amassed over 14 million views to her vlog. She started to make videos when she was diagnosed, and says herself that 'Make up is my wig'.

'When I put on my make-up I feel like I can embrace those features that I really like about myself. I feel if someone's looking at me, they're looking at my make-up, not looking at my bald head.
'I am just trying to make young girls, young adults, adults, anyone, feel beautiful by using make-up,' she adds.

She started a campaign in August to enable her to do Ellen DeGeneres make up for The Ellen Show. As a result of her fans emailing The Ellen Show and campaigning on Facebook she was invited onto the show and made a honorary CoverGirl.

The video below reduced me to happy tears

So beautiful!

Talia's story really struck a chord with me as I have been a reader of beauty blogs for years now, and at times when it all gets bitchy and a bit grabby it all makes me roll my eyes and think 'there are MUCH bigger things going on in the world ladies!' but Talia has been making her videos to inspire young girls to feel beautiful when she is going through so much herself. Just wow.

To subscribe to Talia's youtube click here

15 October, 2012


I am a big fan of rapper Azealia Banks, singer of the super catchy 212 which was a massive hit this summer, so I was very excited to hear she was releasing her own lipstick with MAC, called Yung Rapunxel.

Azealia herself describes the shade as 'eggplant', while MAC call it a deep, rich shade of plum.

Unfortunately as far as I'm aware it is not being released in the UK which is such a shame as I would totally buy it!

However I was rifling through my make up drawer today and found this: Black Cherry by Sleek which I think is somewhat similar!

Here is Black Cherry swatched:

Here is Azealia in Yung Rapunxel

And me in Black Cherry:

Total twins, right?!

Unfortunately not... But I do love this shade, so until I hear of MAC releasing this fab lipstick in the UK I will be rocking this on nights this Autumn/Winter. Was anyone lucky enough to see her on tour this month, or attend the fabulous Mermaid Ball?

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