27 March, 2013

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush

I have been a fan of Bourjois blushes since I was a teen, and these are one of the only products I still find myself using after using and discarding so many others over the years.  

I like how each mini blusher comes with a little brush (even though I never use it), a little gold note from Bourjois, and a teeny tiny mirror in the lid, making applying it on the go in a hurry super easy. (Make up on the bus... just me?)

And the colours... the blushes come in 20 shades and I find that the colour pay off is great with just one sweep of the blusher brush, giving you a gorgeous girly glow. They also smell yummy too, kind of like sweet talc - may not sound appealing to some but to me it adds to the gorgeous feminity of the product.
Have you tried the Little Round Pot Blush before? What is your favourite shade?

Daddy's Little Girl

So after a somewhat 'blah' week last week - it wasn't bad in any way but it wasnt fab either, know what I mean? - I decided to pop into MAC and treat myself to a new beauty item. Lo and behold, my local MAC still had some bits from the Archie's Girls Collection in stock and a few short minutes later, I was the proud owner of Daddy's Little Girl from the Veronica collection.

I wouldn't say I'm one to be sucked in by a limited edition collection so the fact that this is part of the collection wasn't behind the reason I got this, but look how cute the packaging is!


Turns out I'm a Veronica!
The actual colour is what hooked me - its a bright pink with a deep purple tone - absolutely gorgeous, and so striking, but also surprisingly wearable!
Did you catch anything from the Archie's Girl collection?

23 March, 2013

I heart Balmi

Now this post might be greeted with eye rolls & the comment 'lipbalm is lipbalm, isnt it?!'
To that I say - no. I have very big lips, and they tend to get very dry in the Summer and Winter (lucky me). After years of using Vaseline to try to give them moisture and as a base for my lipsticks, I stumbled across this little delight...

This little ball of loveliness has the most yummy raspberry smell, provides great moisturisation and is a fantastic base for lipstick - it smoothes out the lip and is not so slick that the lipstick slides off and ends up around your chin!
It also has a handy attachment on it so I have attached it to my keys and this now comes everywhere with me!

I was applying this at work the other day and one of my colleagues commented that it smells like the 'food' the Baby All Gone doll used to eat... anyone remember that?
You can find Balmi lipbalms in Boots and they also come in mint, coconut and blackberry flavour!

10 March, 2013

Mini Superdrug Haul!

Now as luck would have it (not) my walk home from work every evening takes me past both a Superdrug AND a Boots... beauty addict torture!! I picked up these bits a while ago and actually just found these pics languishing in my Drafts so thought I'd share them...

Here's what I picked up:

Barry M Gelly nail varnish in Pomegranate
Sleek Corrector & Concealer Palette (in what I thought was Shade 3... more on this below)
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in 001 Honey Douce
I didn't want to do individual reviews of these products as in one way or another I am happy with them but a teeny bit underwhelmed.
The Barry M Gelly nail varnish - the colour is gorgeous, particularly in natural daylight and is a great crossover shade from the Winter darks we have all been rocking. However I just don't see a difference between this formulation and regular Barry M polish, and it chipped spectacularly after one day. When I wear this it's with layers of topcoat, knowing I have time to re-do my nails that evening.
Love the Sleek packaging!
Now this is nobodies fault and no reflection on Sleek, or Superdrug really - but when I opened the palette I realised that a) I had picked up what I thought was Palette number 3, when actually the Palette 4s had been put in the wrong slot, and, not only that, when I opened it I was greeted with a clear fingerprint in the middle shade. Not ideal!! However I have kept this and use it for HAC. So no huge biggie.
This is nice. Thats the best word for it I think - it acts as a long lasting lip balm with a nice subtle tint to it - great as a sweep of colour. It's essentially what I've used as lip balm for the past month or so and it does a nice job.
 What do you think? Have you tried any of these products before and LOVED them? Any I should give another go?
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