23 March, 2013

I heart Balmi

Now this post might be greeted with eye rolls & the comment 'lipbalm is lipbalm, isnt it?!'
To that I say - no. I have very big lips, and they tend to get very dry in the Summer and Winter (lucky me). After years of using Vaseline to try to give them moisture and as a base for my lipsticks, I stumbled across this little delight...

This little ball of loveliness has the most yummy raspberry smell, provides great moisturisation and is a fantastic base for lipstick - it smoothes out the lip and is not so slick that the lipstick slides off and ends up around your chin!
It also has a handy attachment on it so I have attached it to my keys and this now comes everywhere with me!

I was applying this at work the other day and one of my colleagues commented that it smells like the 'food' the Baby All Gone doll used to eat... anyone remember that?
You can find Balmi lipbalms in Boots and they also come in mint, coconut and blackberry flavour!

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