15 October, 2012


I am a big fan of rapper Azealia Banks, singer of the super catchy 212 which was a massive hit this summer, so I was very excited to hear she was releasing her own lipstick with MAC, called Yung Rapunxel.

Azealia herself describes the shade as 'eggplant', while MAC call it a deep, rich shade of plum.

Unfortunately as far as I'm aware it is not being released in the UK which is such a shame as I would totally buy it!

However I was rifling through my make up drawer today and found this: Black Cherry by Sleek which I think is somewhat similar!

Here is Black Cherry swatched:

Here is Azealia in Yung Rapunxel

And me in Black Cherry:

Total twins, right?!

Unfortunately not... But I do love this shade, so until I hear of MAC releasing this fab lipstick in the UK I will be rocking this on nights this Autumn/Winter. Was anyone lucky enough to see her on tour this month, or attend the fabulous Mermaid Ball?

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