19 October, 2012

Rouge Noir (On a budget!)

Now it is Autumn/Winter I have said goodbye to all my pastel nail colours and have moved on to gorgeous dark, moody Autumnal shades. Today's nail colour is Red Black (115) by Barry M.

I love, love, love this colour, so much so that it is the only nail varnish I have ever purchased twice! It is beautifully dark and sultry and really glams up your nails while also giving you a slightly edgy look.

I used about 3 coats to get this wonderfully dark, rich colour - with one or two coats to me it is not Red Black, more of a dark deep raspberry, which is nice, but I wear this for the moody black effect. I top this of with some Seche Vite and ta da! Gorgeous Autumn Nails.

Next weekend I am working at Bristol Day of the Dead Festival and this seems the perfest shade for the Dia de los Muertos/ Sugar Skull theme, so I will definitely be rocking it again!


  1. That shade is perfect for autumn! I love the dark, rich look. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog, I am definitely following you!

    My blog: www.missiffa.com

  2. I have this too and its so good. It was the only colour i wore for weeks!

  3. Thanks girls! This is pretty much my go-to shade now it looks so glam!!


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