17 October, 2012

Talia Joy Castellano

I was browsing the internet this morning and came across the story of Talia Joy Castellano, beauty blogger extraordinaire and 13 year old cancer sufferer, who has become an honorary face of CoverGirl cosmetics.

Talia has been a beauty blogger/youtuber for six years and has amassed over 14 million views to her vlog. She started to make videos when she was diagnosed, and says herself that 'Make up is my wig'.

'When I put on my make-up I feel like I can embrace those features that I really like about myself. I feel if someone's looking at me, they're looking at my make-up, not looking at my bald head.
'I am just trying to make young girls, young adults, adults, anyone, feel beautiful by using make-up,' she adds.

She started a campaign in August to enable her to do Ellen DeGeneres make up for The Ellen Show. As a result of her fans emailing The Ellen Show and campaigning on Facebook she was invited onto the show and made a honorary CoverGirl.

The video below reduced me to happy tears

So beautiful!

Talia's story really struck a chord with me as I have been a reader of beauty blogs for years now, and at times when it all gets bitchy and a bit grabby it all makes me roll my eyes and think 'there are MUCH bigger things going on in the world ladies!' but Talia has been making her videos to inspire young girls to feel beautiful when she is going through so much herself. Just wow.

To subscribe to Talia's youtube click here

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