24 October, 2012

Brisfest... One month on

It is now one month since Brisfest happened, and years of extremely hard work by an exceptionally talented crew was launched to the city of Bristol in the shape of a weekend long extravaganza of music, circus, comedy, dance, cabaret, cider, sunshine, fancy dress, and unfortunately, rain.

It was the most fantastic event. We as a committee know that it was not perfect and there are most definitely areas to be improved, but on the whole I think it was pretty darn awesome!

I am so happy I was invited to be involved in this incredible project and helped the dream of bringing a festival back to Ashton Court come true.

I barely had a chance to see any of the festival with all the missioning about I was doing for the whole week I was there, so I was thrilled when I came across this video, shot by Ned Espeut-Nickless. It is so so fantastic!! Whenever I want to reminisce about just how fab it was, I stick this on.


To find out more about Brisfest, either the festival or the organisation, please visit www.brisfest.co.uk

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