26 November, 2012

Glamour Magazine Nails Inc freebies!

So as I'm sure most people are already aware, Glamour magazine are spoiling us with a give away of four shades of Nails Inc nail varnish!

I am a BIG Nails Inc fan, I have always found the formula to be thick and gorgeously pigmented, and it dries shiny and looks super glam. Because of this, at £2 for the magazine AND the nail varnish, I may or may not have picked up a few....

L-R Elizabeth Street, St. James and Motcomb Street

Elizabeth Street - one of the most beautiful pale pinks I've come across, and I have definitely used a few!!

St James is a classic, classy rich red. It's gorgeous! I am constantly on the hunt for a truly great red nail varnish which looks classy and goes with my skin tone, and this is definitely a contender!

Motcomb Street - a deep dark blue. I am not really a fan of blue nail varnish, I don't know why but I just don't like it, and if I were going to choose a dark shade as an alternative to black it would almost always be a deep deep red (such as this!). With that said, this is a truly fab dark blue - it is super super dark and dries glossy and glam.

I have to say, I think these shades are completely gorgeous and Elizabeth Street and St. James have definitely become my go-to classy pale pink and red shades!

Did you pick up Glamour this month and get any of these Nails Inc nail varnishes?

Liv x


  1. I love the Motcomb one :)
    I've nominated you for a Leibster & Versatile Blogger award!

    L x


  2. Nails look lovely!
    S xx


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