06 November, 2011

A Little Bit About Me...

My name is Olivia. I am 23. I was born in Swindon on the 30th March 1988, just after my twin sister Alicia.

I am a mixed chick, my daddy is African-American and my mum is British.

My favourite colour is pink.

My favourite food is either broccoli or mango.

I went to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff where I got a love for the Welsh accent, a degree in Events Management, and I was a Cardiff University Snakecharmers cheerleader - Go Cobras!

I am single.

I am a total cosmetics junkie - I own about 30 nail varnishes... oops...

I love all kinds of music, from pop to metal and I do NOT believe in being a music snob.

I don't know what I believe in.

My favourite sports are rugby, american football and of course cheerleading.

I want to go to South America so badly.

Noone but me knows my magic number.

My favourite place in Bristol is quite possibly Brandon Hill.

I love Japanese food.

I am 5'8" and hate it.

I can't drive (but watch this space!)

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