06 November, 2011

Foundation Trials and Tribulations

I am a complete makeup junkie. There, I said it.

I am also mixed race girl, and relatively pale with it. I tan to a very deep brown in the Summer within about two days, but in the Winter months I am kind of the colour of a milky coffee, and prone to looking pale and washed out without some colour in my cheeks!

Having gone through many trials and tribulations as a teen in an attempt to find a foundation that at least matched my skin tone I have been through everything from Natural Collection to Chanel.

I finally thought I was done with the search when I hit 20 and discovered No 7's 'Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation'. I LOVED this as it was a great match for my skin, it had wonderful coverage, no need for powder to eliminate the T Zone shine I am so prone to... etc etc etc.

And then it was discontinued.

I am now older, wiser, more in touch with what my skin wants and needs. I am currently working my way through MAC's collection of foundations... but I expect the search for the perfect foundation will be with me for life.

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