18 December, 2012

Winter Jumpers & Christmassy Nails

So while doing my Christmas shopping this year during the cold snap we had a few weeks ago, I may or may not have bought myself a few treats too...


pink jumper - Primark

cream jumper - Primark

Peace earrings - New Look
Collar necklace - Primark

pink stone ring - Primark
gold spike necklace - Primark
(l - r) Jo Is In The House Nail Polish - H&M
SLE 2012 - Barry M
Snowflakes - Models Own
Red Glitter - Barry M
Stick on Gems - Primark
I was in serious need of comfy, warm jumpers, and not so much the other bits!! But I am loving all the Christmassy nail varnishes and will definitely be rocking festive nails over the coming weeks until Christmas Day! I'm thinking of experimenting with the holographic glitter polish from H&M and the Primark gems for an OTT New Years nail look...
Have you picked up any bits for yourself while shopping for others? We're all guilty of this! (I hope!!)
Liv x


  1. such lovely purchases :) love the jumpers and the necklaces. :)

  2. I am going to Primark on my lunch break tomorrow!! The one in Bristol I swear never normally has nice things!!!

    1. The Primark bits are all from the one in Bristol - I was surprised too!

  3. I've got that Barry m polish for Xmas can't sit to try it xxx


  4. gorgeous look, adoring your blog!
    wishing you a very happy new year!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  5. Oooh those jumpers look super cute 'n cosy! Lovely post xx


  6. check out this giveaway sweetie*


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