03 December, 2012

UrbanFit Fashion Show

Earlier this month I joined forces with a group called UrbanFit to help them coordinate and put on a fashion show fundraiser. UrbanFit is a fitness group put together by Emma Martinez-Lamkowski and Kate Woolgrove, taking place in Easton and St Pauls to help girls from the area with their fitness, confidence, and helping them to mix and make new friends. As well as working on fitness and body image, the girls receive sessions learning things like self defence, design, and now, event planning and modelling!

The show took place at the event suite on the top floor of Bristol's M Shed, featuring clothes kindly lent to the group by St Peters Hospice, American Apparel, Blue Banana, and Cox & Baloney. I worked in a kind of dresser/backstage coordinator/all round peace keeper capacity, and the day, although super hectic and busy, went so brilliantly and a fantastic time was had by each and every one of the girls!

Here are some photos I managed to snap on the iPad throughout the day - everyone looked so fab!!

The calm before the storm... organising the rails and rails of clothes before the girls got there and chaos began!
The venue before... Erin walking the catwalk to test the length
The group's only boy, the fantastic Kieran - he went to get his hair done with a full Afro and returned like this!!
MUCH later that day... some of the group ready in their first looks.

The venue dressed, lit and ready to go!
Final Flash mob practice
And some of my favourite looks....
Dress - St Peter's Hospice, shoes - Model's Own
Body and Trousers - American Apparel
Whole outfit - Biba at House of Fraser
Dress and petticoat - Cox and Baloney
Dress and clutch - Biba at House of Fraser
Many thanks to UrbanFit for having me, M Shed for hosting us, Blue Banana, Cox & Baloney, American Apparel, House of Fraser and St Peter's Hospice for the clothes, Dior for the make up and Duke and Scarlet for the hair!
For more info about UrbanFit email urbanfit@hotmail.co.uk

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  1. Just seen this and it brings back such fantastic memories! Everyone was amazing and even through the months of chaos I loved every minute of it! To see how the girls performed was just the proudest moment for me xx


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