20 February, 2013

Rihanna for MAC

So unless you have been living under a rock/haven't browsed Twitter today, you will have heard the news that Bajan beauty Rihanna is now a "creative partner" of and will be releasing multiple collections with MAC.
Now, I am a huge Rihanna fan, as well as a massive MAC fan so you could say I was a bit excited when I read this news. My first thought was along the lines of 'we can definitely expect a few red lippies in this collection!' so I wasn't at all surprised to hear about what they are calling 'RiRi Woo'.
Not sure how I feel about that.
Moving on... here is the pic from Rihanna's Instagram of a sneaky peek at her line.
I'm kinda loving the rose gold, red signatured packaging but I know a lot of people aren't feeling it. We'll have to see when it is released to us later this year...
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